We're firm believers that celebrating your cherished ones and making them feel extraordinary should be effortless.

At The Flower Boutique, that is precisely what we do!

In true boutique fashion, we combine style, passion and elegance, with a personalised, premium and reliable service to give the gift of happiness that keeps on giving.

Every gift we craft is an embodiment of our affection for exquisite blooms, heartfelt care, splendid gifting, and those distinctive touches that make each gift one-of-a-kind.


Hi, I'm Riana!

I love celebrating life’s every moment from small accomplishments, to calendar events and birthdays and making a big fuss. Even if it hasn't been a good day, a small token of flowers speaks so many words.

As a young girl, I have cherished memories of the festive celebrations in my home country, the Philippines. In our culture, we enthusiastically mark various occasions, from job promotions to 'Bienvenidas' (meaning 'Welcome back' in our native tongue), send-off or farewell parties, and even grand town fiestas, where entire communities come together to honour the feast of their patron saint.

Filipinos love fiestas. "Fiesta" (meaning feast), is an occasion to give thanks for all the blessings received. Birthdays, anniversaries, even death anniversaries, baptisms or christenings, Christmas and Easter, are standard celebrations that include the entire extended family. We celebrate every event with a variety of food and traditional desserts, decorations, and bright colourful clothing, all garnished with beautiful tropical flowers, flowers, and more FLOWERS!

This is where I fell in love with flowers, their offering, representation and meaning. Every single flower has a story and is used in different cultures, in different ways, to bring the community together.

To me, flower-giving communicates the deepest feelings in the most elegant manner.

This is how The Flower Boutique came to be...