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From Our Customers

"Wow oh Wow! Want next level flowers that don't disappoint? These are the guys to do it!
I'm always searching for amazing, meaningful and thoughtful gifts for my loved ones and I know flowers sometime seem like an easy way out... and they can be.. especially when you buy the ones off the rack from Coles or Woolies... or some other florist!

See, the flowers from The Flower Boutique are THE BEST! Hand down. I've purchased online and everything is customised to make the most AMAZING bespoke experience! Even their packages all you need to do is give them a little 'note' or 'message' and they ALWAYS go the extra mile to make it bespoke!"

Ken B.


"Absolutely Fantastic!!
I can not speak highly enough of these guys, I was in the doghouse with the Mrs and needed to get out quick, couldn’t find someone close by and a quick google search brought me to The Flower Boutique - Walked in without a clue, no idea what flowers to get, no idea on colours but the staff were amazing and took the time to help to make the right choice. The quality of the arrangement was second to none and most importantly the Mrs was wrapped with flowers and I am back in the good books. Don’t hesitate to give these guys a call they will look after you without doubt.
10/10 would recommend to everyone."

Mark H.

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Our Perth Floristry Studio offers a wide range of gifting products, from traditional bouquets, flower boxes, dried arrangements and hanging floral art to plants, candles, gift hampers and more!